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Why do insurance rates always seem to be increasing?

Insurance rates increase for a number of reasons.  However, the primary factors affecting your rate is the rising cost of claims with additional defense costs caused by frivolous law suits and unnecessary law suits.

Why do insurance companies change so much?

The insurance industry is dynamic.  Usually, insurance companies change in response to a lack of profitability in an industry or an increase in risk occurs that is more than the carrier is willing to take.

Why and when do insurance rates go down?

Insurance rates go down when profitability increases for the insurance carriers and as your business grows the rates should decrease (provided there are no claims).  Your insurance agent should be working for you to push the carrier for better rates.

How can I make sure that insurance requirements won't drain my bottom line when signing contracts?

The most effective method to keeping your insurance requirements within reason is to provide the insurance requirements to your agent.  Your agent should assist you in negotiating the requirements with your customer at the start of any project to match your coverage as much as possible.  Your agent will also review the anticipated costs associated with adding coverages required, so you can budget the costs into proposal.

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