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Small Business Insurance

General Liability Insurance


Commercial General Liability Insurance protects businessowners from claims of injury, property damage, and negligence related to business activities.  The indemnity provided by a liability insurance policy helps cover the costs associated with mounting a legal defense when a deemed legally liable for a claim.

Medical Insurance, Dental and Vision


We offer multiple medical insurance options for our small business owners to provide to their employees.  Group Health Insurance is one option, but we can also help you with Dental Insurance and Vision Insurance options as well.  And with a Human Resources professional on staff, we can help through enrollment.

Commercial Auto Insurance


Whether you own a construction company, the local pizza joint that delivers, or a businessowner who provides cars for their employees, you will need an unique coverage not available in personal auto policies.  Commercial Auto Liability is specialized to cover the businessowners general liability and property risk.

Workers Compensation Insurance


Worker's compensation is a type of insurance that provides defined wage benefits and medical care to employees who are injured on the job.  It also provides benefits for dependents of those workers who are killed because of work related accidents or illness.  Employers' Liability is also included and protects the businessowner in lawsuits.

Umbrella Insurance or Excess Insurance


Commercial umbrella policies cover the catastrophic liability exposures for businessowners.  Because the umbrella policy (or excess liability policy) is not designed to handle everyday exposures, the business owner must have underlying liability coverage, such as general liability, before an umbrella policy can be issued.  The umbrella policy protects your business when disaster happens.

Commercial Property Insurance


Property Insurance can include coverage on real property such as office, buildings, factories, warehouses, but it can also be coverage for business personal property such as fixtures, furniture, machinery and inventory, or it can include both.  Flood Insurance is sold separately, but can be important in some areas.  Are you building a property?  A Builders Risk policy may be needed to protect your assets.

Inland Marine Insurance


Inland marine insurance covers exposures that involve property and merchandise while in transit.  Valuable papers and documents, as well as mobile equipment and other supplies are covered by this policy.  This coverage is for property actually in transit or movable property that is often at different locations.  If you rent construction equipment, this coverage can decrease your rental costs by covering the "insurance" charges at a lower rate.

Professional Liability


Professional liability - liability arising out of rendering or failing to render services - is excluded in most general liability policies.  Special professional liability policies will be required for many professions including doctors, dentists, lawyers, architects, accountants and insurance agents.  Professional liability coverages are written to cover mistakes and may be referred to as medical malpractice or errors and ommissions.

Special Event Insurance


Special event liability insurance is a policy designed to provide broad protection for situations where an event holder, vendor or concessionaire must defend itself against lawsuits or pay damages for bodily injury or property damage to an attendee.  

Are you hosting an event such as a baseball tournament or a fundraising event?  An event cancellation or inclement weather policy may provide the security you need.

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